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Antoine Béchamp Vs. Louis Pasteur

Antoine Béchamp Vs. Louis Pasteur - Almost 100 Years Later The Truth Remains Buried To Support A Lie

By: Christopher Barr

Naturally Speaking

April 16, 2007



By Christopher C. Barr

A tale of two citizens

The Oscar winning ‘Amadeus’ told the tale of a jealous, musically inferior Antonio Salieri attempting to suppress the acclaim of now legendary musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Success for Salieri over Mozart in such a tale would have left the world a lesser place and missing out on a great body of music.  Much beauty would have been lost to the world.

This tale was told again a century later but this time the jealous, inferior Salieri character succeeded in being lifted up high over the superior genius of the Mozart character.

This latter tale was played out not in concert halls of music but rather in the halls of medicine and science.

In this decidedly non-fictional tale the Salieri role was filled by Louis Pasteur and the Mozart role more than ably filled by Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp.

The Salieri-like Pasteur character’s success at achieving legendary fame over the Mozart-like Béchamp character’s genius and beauty have had quite literally grave results.

Much life has been lost to the world and needless suffering dramatically increased with this world left a much lesser place missing out on a great body of work.  All of this is due to the dastardly deeds of Louis Pasteur triumphing against truth and Antoine Béchamp.

Taxing day ahead

A day of great sadness and loss is observed by millions every year on 4/15 due to that famed IRS deadline day.

An ever greater loss on that date was the death of the great and noble scientist Antoine Béchamp almost 100 years ago before the 16th amendment, income taxes or the IRS came to be.

That gentle giant of science and medicine established the keys to healthful living. It is humanity's greater loss that he and his work are almost completely unknown.

Who's WHO?

Only days ago a World Health Organization (WHO) agency released a report projecting cancer to more than double in about 20 years.  Lifestyle changes are noted as a key to prevention and success against cancer.

Dr. Antoine Béchamp noted the importance of lifestyles as the key to prevention and success against all diseases almost 150 years ago! He backed it up with thorough scientific precision, as a practicing physician and researcher who was degreed in and a university professor of chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacy. It took eight pages of the French national science journal Moniteur Scientifique just to list the titles of his scientifically published works in 1908.

The sound conclusions of Béchamp for lifestyle changes such as wholesome nutrition and environmental, hygienic cleanliness were ignored in favor of other "solutions" that profited industry and required "heroic" medical interventions.

The whitewashing of Antoine Béchamp from history was so thorough as to assign credit for his works to others such as Louis Pasteur.

Béchamp died in 1908. That same year the Nobel Prize was awarded to a German, E. Buchner, for his isolation of the fermentation factor in yeast and identification of it as an enzyme in 1897. This was a duplication of work that Béchamp had done more than half a century before. Buchner even used the same terminology that Béchamp suggested decades before.

Dr. Béchamp also postulated chromosomes long before anyone else.

Antoine Béchamp was the foremost pioneer of science, medicine, nutrition and genetics all at once. The lack of recognition for this is a literary loss to history, and has resulted in tremendous physical loss to humanity for generations.

Taking responsibility

Béchamp noted the importance of taking care of one's self for prevention of disease. He was a champion of self-responsibility. He noted that germs abounded in unhealthy environments but were notably checked in healthful ones.

As people at this time are filing last minute returns it is time that we returned to being responsible for the health and welfare of our own bodies.

Dislike the waiting time for your refund?

The Moniteur Scientifique noted upon the death of Béchamp, "Those of his acquaintances who cared for him and were about him know that he never doubted that one day justice would be rendered him."

The English international science journal Nature was already a prestigious journal then as now. Its obituary noted that Dr. Béchamp was ensured "an honourable place among the founders of biological chemistry".

Next year will mark 100 years since his death. It is way past time that justice, history, and humanity were served by the recognition of Dr. Antoine Béchamp and his honourable, timeless work.

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him c/o P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail [check for Christopher Barr articles].