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Table I. 6 Common Misconceptions About Vaccination

1.Because of better hygiene and sanitation, diseases had already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced.
2.The majority of people who get disease have been vaccinated.
3.There are "hot" lots of vaccine that have been associated with more adverse events and deaths than other vaccines.
4.Vaccines cause many harmful side effects, illnesses, and even death.
5.Vaccine-preventable diseases have been virtually eliminated from the US.
6.Giving a child multiple vaccinations for different diseases at the same time increases the risk of harmful side effects and can overload the immune system.
Reprinted from CDC Web site,

Childhood disease

Challenge by JockDoubleday
June 1, 2007 challenge was raised to $80,000 and will continue to raise by $5000 per month!

Rebecca Carley, MD, offers a reward of $10,000 to any AAP "members who will come on my internet radio broadcast and successfully refute my documents posted at listeners will determine who is telling the truth."

A challenge by Dr Viera Scheibner, Principle Research Scientist (Rtd) and now prominent public campaigner, was sent to and published in the Medical Observer, an Australian medical newspaper, in February 1999. Vaccination Information Service


Conflict of Interest
Hepatitis B Vaccine Statement to Congress 6/14/99
Tucson Blvd. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943 Omnia pro

Vaccine Contamination

[Independent] Testing Mercury Free Vaccines

Vaccine Test Results
First results of vaccine investigations

The first assessment on 8 Feb. 2017:
– All 16 vaccines tested contain mercury in small amounts.
– Eight of the 16 vaccines contain nickel in small amounts.
– Six of the 16 vaccines contain small amounts of arsenic.
– 15 of the 16 vaccines contain uranium in small traces.
– All 16 vaccines contain minor traces of aluminum, even if not declared.
– Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Synflorix contain twice as much aluminum as indicated.
– The aluminum content in the so-called attenuated vaccines lies around one thousand to six thousand times above the safety limit for drinking water!
Read rest of story here:

Above article (original) in German/

Table with results of January 2017:

Table with results of August 2017:
Selected Translations:

German                      English
Essentielle Spurenelemente  Essential trace elements
Essentielle Elemente        Essential elements
Weitere Spurenelemente:     Other trace elements
Potentiell toxische Elemente: Potential toxic elements 

Eisen:                      iron
Kupfer:                     copper
Wolfram:                    tungsten
Quecksilber:                mercury (ethylmercury; thimerosal)
Wismut:                     bismuth
Zinn:                       tin 

* * New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination
"Researchers examining 44 samples of 30 different vaccines found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested – except in one animal vaccine."
Article from Medcrave.htm

[Independent] Testing Mercury Free Vaccines
Due to the ongoing debate over the role of mercury containing vaccines and autism, HAPI decided to have some current vaccinations tested for mercury content. Our goal in doing so was to simply find out for ourselves whether or not mercury has actually been removed from vaccines intended for pediatric use. We also wanted to generate interest and fund a larger test sample. The results ..
archived at:

Many fine mercury related links on this website
^ Source webpage is no longer available. See archive link below.
The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination
by Benjamin McRearden.[.PDF file, 66K] (Archived on
^ The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination
HTML version, 69K by Benjamin McRearden.

Introduction to Fear of the Invisible
by Janine Roberts
Virology – the misnamed Science
"There are major things wrong in modern virology. No other modern science is in such trouble. This is my reluctant conclusion after nine years of investigation. I am both horrified and amazed by what I have discovered. Mistakes made in the 1980s are still being made today. The evidence is in the investigations below and in the library of peer-reviewed scientific research made available here so that you can judge my conclusions for yourselves.

This means tragically we have sometimes looked entirely in the wrong places for remedies."

More Information on "An Investigative Journey into a reckless and contaminated Medical Industry"
Fear of the Invisible
by Janine Roberts
"This book takes its readers on a journey into the very heart of the hunt for viruses – to the key experiments performed to prove that these invisibly small particles cause diseases that often were previously blamed on toxins or bacteria. It sheds light on the extraordinary assumptions underlying much of this research into viruses – and the resulting vaccines and antiviral medicines."
Keywords: Contamination, vaccine manufacturing, viruses

Alternative source for Fear of the Invisible
by Janine Roberts